100 Free Instagram Likes Boost or how to Attract the Audience

Instagram is a popular social network, and many people use boost services. This article will explain the main reasons why sites offer 100 likes for free.


  • What is Instagram
  • Why there is a need of boosting likes
  • Why services offer free boost

What is Instagram

What caused such a number of users on Instagram

Today, all social networks are popular for several reasons. First of all, due to the significant amount of money spent on promotion at the very beginning. It was necessary for a great start. Secondly, originality. Only look at the most popular social networks. For example, YouTube allows to watch videos and, if necessary, to publish your own videos with no problem. VKontakte fulfills all the tasks at once: it is possible to watch news, communicate with friends and listen to music simultaneously. Telegram is the personification of security due to the recent conflicts.

Among these Instagram is feeling really well, as it has no potential competitors. Other means are used for direct communication, and this network is used for sharing nice photos. Also a significant role is performed by the numerous celebrities registered on it, as many people download the app only for watching the life of their idols.

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Why there is a need of boosting likes

You can be sure that a large number of popular accounts, including celebrities, use Instagram marketing services of boost. It is easy to be explained. There are several main reasons for this:

  • the desire to make any post stand out due to the likes or comments;
  • to block negative comments of users. After all, people often get into conflicts for getting ‘black’ PR. It allows them to get free traffic, but in case of defeat, it will have negative consequences for them;
  • to increase the interest in their personality.

If everything is clear about the celebs, why are such services often used by newbie businessmen? The main factor here is creation of activity for attracting new audience.

Why services offer free boost

At the moment, a large number of services use an interesting way of attracting the audience. It lies in the fact that a new user is offered Instagram likes boost – 100 likes for free. Such offers have a number of advantages allowing to increase the % of sales and audience loyalty.

First of all, of course, it is a ‘freebie’. Every person wants to get as much as possible for a small amount of money, and when it comes to boost, if it’s for free, the demand for the service increases several times. This allows you to improve relationship with the audience and increase Instagram engagement. Moreover, this plays into the hands of the service, because if the user has a real need of getting likes, the choice will be minimal. Subconsciously the person already has confidence in the project, so he is much more likely to use it again than to be hoping for the better.

Secondly, the demonstration of the capabilities of the service. If the project has no customers, and the audience is not predisposed to it, it makes no sense to take any large-scale actions, at least before users feel ‘warmer’. Instagram boost of 100 likes allows the user to verify the quality of services provided.

To sum up, you can say that the free boost is beneficial for both parties and its use is fully justified.