Boosting Likes on Instagram: the Difference between Paid and Free Methods

Instagram is a popular social network. Many people use boost services for adding their account ‘popularity’. However, they do not take into consideration many aspects. This article will cover the main differences between paid and free ways.


  • What is Instagram?
  • How to use Instagram
  • Tricks to use
  • The main differences of the paid method

What is Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks at the moment. Probably, the most popular one in Russia. There are several main reasons for this:

  1. A large amount of money used on advertising campaigns;
  2. A huge number of world celebrities registered there;
  3. Convenience, simplicity and intuitive usage.

How to use Instagram

Today, Instagram can be used as a platform to attract traffic to an existing or recently opened business or to create something like a group in Vkontakte. If everything is done right, experienced specialists are hired, often the results achieved through advertising, could surprise. For example, if it is an established and well-known business, an increase by 5-10% is guaranteed. As for the startups, this indicator is several times higher, it should also be noted that some people use only Instagram and cope with it rather successfully.

When it comes to ‘publics’, the first advertisers begin to appear at 10-40 thousand followers point. However, for some topics, the number of followers can vary greatly, so do not be upset if customers cannot find you.

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Tricks to use

Creating an account is not a problem. The main nuance is that a person is not always able to make the content attract the target audience. There are situations when popular channels with 200-300 thousand followers paused their publications, and then closed due to a small number of views. You should manage your account smartly. Here are a couple of recommendations that will help you to have a more successful business (unfortunately, most of them are relevant only for the channels aimed at the majority):

  • keep track of the number of likes and comments. Sometimes it will be necessary to buy 20-2000 Instagram likes to increase profile success;
  • keep your reputation. Reduce comments similar to ‘Follow me, and I will follow you’, etc. First of all, you show yourself as a person unable to buy advertising. Secondly, when your channel will get famous on Instagram, it will leave a significant trace.

The main differences of the paid method

Our service offers you a large list of Instagram marketing services, but the most important of them are boosting likes and followers. Many of our users are puzzled with the question, what is the difference between Instagram likes boost for a penny and more expensive options. Below you can see a number of reasons why expensive one wins.

First, that should be mentioned is the quality of bots. Usually, these are accounts with no profile picture or no photos at all, which immediately makes boost evident. Secondly, the chance that Instagram can recognize cheat is high because the quality is affected. As a result, you can say that if you need followers just for a number or for boasting, use the cheap options, if you need followers for a longer time and benefit, use the options with a higher cost.