Creative Options for an Instagram Account Pitch

A large flow of users does not allow to stand out from the crowd of similar accounts and be remembered by your target audience. It was the relevance of the issue that made us write this article on how to get most likes on Instagram and increase the number of followers.


  • Features of the social network
  • What to write posts about?
  • A beautiful photo is the key to success
  • How to show your account to the followers creatively?
  • How to simplify the task?
  • Conclusion

Features of the social network

Before you understand the basic principles of gaining many likes, it is worth considering the characteristics of the audience in this social network. Here are gathered people aged 14 – 40, this fact already gives a hint about the correct formation of the content.

What to write posts about?

Leaving empty space under the photos is not worth it, since the activity will decrease. And considering this specificity, it is worth highlighting youth issues in your account. For example, hair care, sports, painting and more.

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A beautiful photo is the key to success

It is also worth considering the photo content, which should contain positive and high-quality images. Perhaps, photos from weekdays or trips. The main thing is to arrange them in one style and present them with a “juicy” text.

How to show your account to the followers creatively?

Now we will share a free Instagram likes hack. To get them, it’s enough to attract an audience and provide them with something creative, for example:

  • Text on the most discussed issues. Express your opinion about unusual events in the world. You will definitely raise a wave of discussion and make your audience not only like the photo, but also repost it.
  • Contests. This is a great option for attracting the modern user of a social network. But it will work only for those engaged in professional blogging. It is enough to invite followers to get a gift from you, and the main condition for this will be to put likes to the last 10 photos. Everything is ingenious and simple!
  • Creativity in the photo. Perhaps this is one of the most difficult ways to get likes. So you need to offer the follower not just a picture at the fountain, but a very creative idea. Elena Sheidlina amazes with such cool and inspiring ideas in her Instagram account. Browse, get some inspiration and try to beat the young artist.

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How to simplify the task?

It is very efficient to use the ideas mentioned above, but it requires a lot of free time. If you have no much free time, but you want to get a lot of likes to the photo? Use the modern method – services for cheating. They give a unique opportunity to get the right amount of not only likes, but also followers.

Thus you will significantly save your time and get a guarantee on the work done. One of such high-quality and reliable servers is ALL-SMM. Here you can get the desired number of likes at an affordable cost very quickly.


Take some free time to impress your followers with a high quality content. But if you want to do it faster and with ordinary photos, use the services of a cheating agency. You will become popular on the social network and your pictures will get in the recommendations.