The Benefits of Instagram Stories for Businessmen

One of the most popular directions for posting content online is Stories (Story, stories). But are they useful for small and medium-sized businesses and individual entrepreneurs? Let’s discuss this below.


  1. What is a Story?
  2. Content formats
  3. What is this function for?
  4. Advertising in Stories
  5. Conclusion

What is a Story?

In the first place, you can get unlimited likes on Instagram using the reliable ALL-SMM service. The high-quality content will attract new users, hold their attention and transfer them to the “customers” category.

Many modern users of social networks use their account to the maximum: they publish photos, videos, live stream, share Stories. The first three options are in demand, but Stories are only gaining their popularity.

Stories are post stored on the portal for 24 hours only. They are displayed at the top of the screen and may contain emoticons, stickers, geolocation, hashtags, polls, questions, mentioning other profiles and many other useful Instagram “tricks”.

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Content formats

Developers allow the owner of a personal or business profile to use various Stories formats:

  • static picture, image, photo. Commercial pages can post here their products, description of services, notifications about promotions, giveaways, links to the new posts;
  • videos and rewind (reverse playback). Social network allows to post a short video up to 15 seconds. With this variation, companies can announce new products, display product ads, which in its turn will lead to the brand recognition;
  • animation. Most often, users use the “boomerang” option. Current trends cannot be ignored, because the target audience is interested in presenting data in an interesting way.

All options can and should be used in a business account. Not all people spend time watching their news feed, but Stories are very popular. In addition, business accounts can view the consumption of traffic by followers, that is, audience coverage.

What is this function for?

A new feature is a wonderful refinement in the popular Instagram app. It allows to level out some weaknesses of the service. For example, users can:

  • broadcast (showing the workflow, manufacturing of goods, some aspects of the service);
  • announce interesting events (promotions, polls, giveaways, new items). Reaching the target audience more compared to the regular posts;
  • increase brand awareness, remind about events.

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Advertising in Stories

Most recently, developers have begun to add targeted ads to Stories. You can choose a display location during the setup process, but from April 2018 this will be automatically duplicated in Stories.

This provides an opportunity for the companies to demonstrate to their potential customers the necessary information, without taking into account the placement and the need to increase the marketing budget.


Instagram offers its users a lot of interesting “chips”, it doesn’t matter at all whether you have a personal page or a business account. Therefore, for the success of your marketing campaign aimed at increasing revenue, we would recommend using all the existing features of the social network.