The Lifting Power of Hashtags

It is always pleasant to arouse people’s interest by your work, hobbies, and skills. Throughout their life, the “homo sapiens” has been trying to learn something new, be taught by others. Interesting and useful information will always find its reader, it is only necessary to make it possible for the reader to find it. Here the hashtags will help! Simple systematic pleasant efforts and attention to the interesting materials of other network members will help quickly find a large circle of new friends with similar interests. Let’s find out how and try it.


  1. Turning off the Stealth mode
  2. Do not confuse hashtags and hyperlinks
  3. Keywords hashtags on Instagram
  4. Using hashtags to increase popularity and profits
  5. How to choose hashtags?

Turning off the Stealth mode

An important tool that simplifies navigation on the Internet is the link. Finding an interesting site with the necessary materials, we add it to the bookmarks for a simplified repeated search. Beginning bloggers or the site owners are sure to ask, when posting their materials: how to create a link so that the subject and terminology used are “visible” to the search engines in the ocean of the Internet space. Otherwise, the stated thoughts, intended for a wide audience of readers, will be known only to their author. For a blogger, a master of the word, this would be the end of their professional life. Typically, the link, that is, an Internet address is received by the pages of blogs, sites. But now there appeared a separate magnificent tool – hashtags, that allow to make individual words and phrases interactive. What are hashtags, how to use hashtags to get followers, find new customers, acquaintances, friends interested in your products; improve your life, increase profits?

In order the search for information on blogs, social networks conveniently, use the hashtags. The word comes from the English and means “hash” + “label”. The “hash” sign placed in front of a certain word (without empty spaces) indicates that the author of the article considers it the most important in a certain section of the text. This is a keyword. When searching by hashtag in a specific social network, readers will be able to find an article by the author with the word used.

Thus, messages with hashtags will not become forgotten and lost in the stream. They will always appear when searching for the specific hashtags. The more hashtags – the more often the article catches the eye of the reader, the more people follow the interesting page. Therefore, the question of how to become famous on Instagram is solved much faster. It is possible to add up to thirty hashtags (instead of 3 – 4 ones, like in other social networks).

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Do not confuse hashtags and hyperlinks

By its looks in the text, the hashtag resembles a hyperlink. Although their properties are different. Using a hyperlink, you can “tie” certain specific information from any resource to the word. In the search engine, words with a hyperlink will not be reflected. A hashtag, on the contrary, associates a word with a group of thematic Internet resources. Thus, you can study the available materials, follow their authors. They will also be interested in a new follower and their work.

Keywords hashtags on Instagram

Hashtag is one of the main words on the topic. The authors themselves determine them, putting a # sign in front of them. From the existing hashtags, you can choose the most popular ones. This will help more readers to get acquainted with the article. Several words can be combined in a hashtag and written as one word with a capital letter. So the content will be perceived better.

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Using hashtags to increase popularity and profits

While in other social networks you can add three or four hashtags to the article, on Instagram – up to thirty ones. Thus, on a certain topic, there is more than one keyword that will ensure the chance of your Instagram post to “come out” to the eyes of many users searching for such information.

How to choose hashtags?

Initially, it is important to think and find out what most popular topic words are the key ones on Instagram. They can be determined on the basis of logical considerations. For example: autumn, yellow leaves, rain, wind, crop, etc. It is clear that they relate to the autumn theme. It is interesting to find other people’s similar materials and see their hashtags, to informally place the most used hashtags already used in your article. Readers will immediately see it. Then comments can be added to the same article again with the new popular hashtags, gradually increasing the traffic at the account. An interesting, useful, finished page will gradually become more and more famous.

Important distinguishing features of Instagram are its simplicity, use on mobile devices that are always at hand, bright visual images, a large number of hashtags that allow to make interesting information very popular in a short time.